How It Works

The Process

You can get a commission advance on, any or all your FIRM transactions for which you have provided us with all the *required documents (see below)


Because you are with our brokerage - there is NO SETUP required.

Just Contact US or FILL OUT THE FORM ON-LINE and PICKUP your cheque.
(We can ETRANSFER smaller amounts as well)

And because there is no setup required, there is No Setup Fee

Getting your hard-earned money is QUICK, EASY and CONVENIENT.

*Required Documents

Following information and paperwork is required for payout on a commission advance to you:

  1. Consumer Relationship Guide (CRG).
  2. Correct Offer to Purchase.
  3. Correct FINTRAC ID’s.
  4. Copy of deposits.
  5. All Amendments and Addendums concerning the Purchase Price or Commission adjustments.
  6. All WAIVERS.
  7. Trade Record Sheet (completely and correctly filled).
  8. Commission Advance Form (accepted and signed).
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